1. "Redzepi’s 28-course celebration of local and seasonal ingredients foraged from the woodlands and seashore is designed to demonstrate nature on a plate. He fashions culinary bouquets from wild herbs and edible soil, toasted hay and reindeer moss, live ants and fermented grasshoppers. (“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!” “Yes, and for the next course…”)"

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    Economists, politicians, and others had predicted that trade liberalization, in the nineties and aughts, would help American workers whose wares would theoretically be exported to China’s growing consumer class. Like most Americans, the people of Bassett might never fully understand the intricacies of why things didn’t work out that way. There was China’s movement to artificially lower its currency to give its exports an advantage over competitors, the underpriced “dumping” of Chinese goods, and Chinese government subsidies—all of which allowed Asian-owned companies to sell products at a lower price than their American rivals and expanded the U.S. trade deficit with China.

    Those damn Chinese, selling us furniture for too cheap! There are some interesting cases where protectionism might make sense. This isn’t one of them.

  4. GO (2011)
    Edition of 250
    Six colour screen print on 410gsm Somerset Satin paper. Produced by Coriander Studios, London
    76 x 60cm
    Signed, numbered and dated by the artist on the reverse.
    $910.00 (via Michael Craig-Martin Official London 2012 Paralympic)

  5. Bridget Riley is one of the most original painters of our time and is celebrated for her optically vibrant paintings. By manipulating relationships between colours and shapes, she creates illusions of movement and light. (via The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics posters: in pictures - Telegraph)

  6.  series he’s titled Pink Banana. Playful and provocative with hints of suggestive symbolism” 

    My Modern Met


  10. "First, a great deal of business activity that used to be conducted in the U.S. has left the country for China, Mexico and large parts of Asia. This has predictably occurred in part because of extremely high corporate and personal income taxes, excessive regulations which discourage investment, an unpredictable and incomprehensible tort system in which everyone’s assets are at risk of confiscation. Then there is our declining educational system which is incapable of providing qualified workers for industry, an over-sized government whose motto has become “Give me your votes and I will give you free stuff,” a redistributionist psychology which badly allocates capital.”

    Yup, the over sized government and redistributionist psychology in the US is causing businesses to move some place more friendlier… like Communist China. No redistributionist psychology there.